Know your rights when it comes to auto glass replacement.

Q. I have (insert name here) Insurance company. Do you accept this insurance?

A. Yes, Titan Auto Glass accepts all insurance companies.

Q. My Insurance company said I have to use (insert name here) glass company. Is this true?

A. No! As an insured customer, you have the right to use the glass company of your choosing.

Q. My insurance company said I may incur “out of pocket expense” by going to a shop of my choosing.

A. While this may happen elsewhere, it will not happen at Titan Auto Glass. We bill the insurance company, and the insurance company only. You will not be charged for any products or services.

Q. What is “stuffing” that you mentioned on your website?

A. “Stuffing” is a term to describe the unsafe practice of leaving all the components on the vehicle and forcing the windshield between the cowl (the plastic trim under your windshield wipers) and the urethane. This is essentially cutting corners only to save a few minutes. This is a very unsafe practice due to the possibility of poor contact between the glass and urethane. This jeopardizes the structural integrity between your windshield and the vehicle creating air leaks from the urethane missing the windshield completely.

Still have questions?

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