Free rust and rot repair from Titan Auto Glass is a service performed during the course of a windshield replacement.

As vehicles get older, over time, the weather and debris build up can cause the vehicles to rust and eventually start to rot. What people may not know, is that an improper auto glass installation can speed up this process. How is that? During the removal of your damaged glass, bare metal can be exposed in the pinchweld (The area where the windshield or back glass sit).

To save time and money, some glass companies will skip an important step of “priming” these exposed spots to prevent any moisture or contaminates from harming the pinchweld. Rest assured, Titan Auto Glass always primes any spots during an installation to ensure your vehicles pinchweld stays damage free for years to come.

The above pictures are of an actual customer’s vehicle. The pictures show a step by step process we take at Titan Auto Glass. The 1st is to clean the pinchweld back to bare metal, this is done by removing the rust and rot down to bare metal. The 2nd step is to clean the bare metal of contaminates. Once that is completed, we move on to the 3rd step, which is applying a specialized primer to prevent the rust and rot from returning. Once this whole process is completed, it gives the technician a much better base to apply the urethane to.

Did we mention that this a free service provided to Titan Auto Glass customers?

Most shops will say there is “nothing we can do”, or even charge for the service, and not provide a warranty. Titan goes above and beyond to help our customers in each and every way. We will repair the rot at no charge, and still provide a limited warranty.

Call around and ask other auto glass shops if they are providing this service for free, or even giving a warranty with it.

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