Car Windshield Urethane – To Heat or Not To Heat

There are a many different kinds of automotive windshield urethane (the material used to adhere the glass to the car and keep it safely in place.) Some shops use a lesser quality urethane – something Titan wouldn’t even use in the summer – for a replacement in the middle of winter. This is a very unsafe practice to save a few dollars. Another misconception about cold weather installations is the heating of urethane. This is a marketing ploy by big auto glass companies, making you think you need to have the urethane heated. This is untrue; it is because the urethane they choose to use requires it, not because it somehow makes the install safer. The urethane we use uses humidity to cure, doesn’t require heating, and can be used in temperatures as low as 0 degrees, with a 1 hour drive away time. This is an important consideration in the winter!
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