Subaru Windshield Replacement in Woburn, MA

It has been a little while since our last post! Luckily that’s because we’ve been super busy. All of this cold weather and snow has really caused a mess out on the roads. The plows have created an unruly amount of potholes that can cause all sorts of damage to your car when you hit them, but can also cause chunks of asphalt to kick up and crack your windshield. That is what happened to this 2012 Subaru owner in Woburn, MA.

A spider-webbing windshield forced this owner to take action and have the windshield replaced. Like many new Subarus, this car has heated wipers which adds an extra little challenge that Titan Auto Glass was happy to take on. We set the glass, made sure the wipers were working properly and got the car back on the road! As always, we check for any rot or rust damage before completing any work.

If you need your windshield or other auto glass replaced, you can be sure that with Titan you’re getting the absolute best quality work. Titan Auto Glass is located in Woburn MA and we serve all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our van will come to you. Call us today! 877-97-TITAN.