Clear The Ice And Snow – Windshield Replacement on a 2004 Infiniti I35

Here at Titan Auto Glass, you’ll often see us post messages on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages reminding you to clear the snow and ice off the top of your vehicle after a snowstorm. Not only does this show consideration to your fellow drivers, but also in many states, it’s the law. This customer in Rowley had an unfortunate incident of this kind recently, when a chunk of ice blew off the roof of the car in front of him on the highway, and cracked the windshield of his 2004 Infiniti I35. He gave us a call, and we were able to do the replacement for him right away. Click on the pictures below to see more detail:

Remember to be kind – it just takes a minute to clear the snow and ice off the roof of your car!

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