Toyota Highlander Windshield Replacement in Methuen MA

This Toyota Highlander (with a heated windshield) needed a windshield replacement in Methuen, MA. Why was the windshield fractured? Well, probably from a rock flung from the road. A big factor in New England is not only that we deal with somewhat poorly paved roads due to extreme weather factors that weaken the asphalt, but those same extreme weather conditions and wild fluctuations in temperature can cause the glass to fracture.

When a windshield fractures or cracks, even minutely, the continued exposure to stresses of forces from the slight malleability engineered into your vehicle chassis and frame – as well as the continued exposure to temperature changes – the fracture will spine, branch, and can eventually span the entirety of your windshield. Aside from this obvious visibility obstruction and possible rattling and leakage issues, the windshield’s structural integrity is now compromised and becomes a safety concern.

We at Titan Auto Glass replace glass to a degree of quality completely unmatched. In fact, we achieve an almost factory grade installation, and because we’re so sure of our service, we offer a life time guarantee. We only use the highest quality urethane sealants and, if you have had previous sub-par service with other auto glass replacement companies, we will fix any subsequent rot or corrosion damage to your windshield frame and moulding for free.

Call Titan Auto Glass today; we’re located in Woburn MA, and though this Toyota Highlander windshield replacement and install was done in Methuen MA, we serve all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We will come to you, and you can be sure you’re getting the best windshield replacement service available in the area.

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