Another Thing to Blame on New England Weather

Glass, it’s a fragile thing. Cracks in windshields are caused by more than just impacts, like a freak hail storm or spat-up gravel on the highway. Windshield glass is specially formulated and tempered to be durable and resist cracks, chips, and shatter, but sometimes it fails. Yes, a rock from the road can be the initial cause to a crack that eventually spines the span of your windshield, but there are plenty of other causes.

Another thing to blame on New England weather. A common culprit of windshield fractures in the New England region are due to the stress from rapid changes in temperature. Not only does the weather itself fluctuate wildly, but in the midst of winter, when hot water is applied to the windshield so as to help melt visually obstructing ice build-up, the windshield may crack or fracture from the molecular stress of two extreme opposite temperatures on what is a rigid and brittle material. Given the continuation of exposure to extreme temperature or the physical stress from the forces of driving, the fracture will grow.

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