Racing BMW M3 Custom Windshield Placement

Our friends at Sublime Auto Restoration called us up and asked us to help them on one of their clients’ cars that they’re working on. This was a racing BMW M3 (turbo).


This M3 is fitted with a carbon fiber hood and a carbon fiber trunk for reduced weight. The owner now wants to have the factory roof cut and replaced with a carbon fiber roof, reducing the weight even more. These carbon fiber pieces aren’t bought as aftermarket parts but actually made in house at Sublime Auto Restoration. These custom jobs require top tier fit and finish, that’s why Titan Auto Glass was called.


We removed the windshield and the backglass, and now Sublime Auto Restoration is working on cutting the old roof and building the new custom carbon fiber roof. Once they’re done, Titan Auto Glass will then fit the windshield and back glass into the new carbon frames.

Click the photos below for more detail:

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