The Right Tool For The Job: 2003 Audi Avant

We performed this windshield replacement on a 2003 Audi Avant right at the customer’s office in Andover, MA.

This customer reached out to us after they had a crack in their windshield. Audis have an aluminum chassis and require a special non-conductive urethane on a replacement. Some shops will still try to use normal urethane on these jobs and the results are disastrous, including loss of reception for radio, cell phone, and navigation. Using normal urethane will also cause the pinchweld to rot out prematurely due to galvanic corrosion, where the urethane conducts electricity to the pinchweld. At Titan Auto Glass, we take pride in being a small, independent shop that has the knowledge to do the job right the first time!

If you need your windshield or other auto glass replaced, you can be sure that with Titan you’re getting the absolute best quality work. Titan Auto Glass is located in Woburn MA and we serve all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our van will come to you. Call us today! 978-886-9693.